Defy the Trend

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Have you seen some of the guerrilla tactics and extreme stunts people are deploying to reboot their careers? Believe us – singing telegrams or renting a hot air balloon are not your only answers!

We can help you create a unique, engaging, and thought-provoking impression that will generate buzz without all the hype.
For example, a subtle smile makeover can do a lot to give you a more youthful pick-me-up, and give you the confi dence and positive attention you deserve.

Many cosmetic techniques involve only a visit or two...

Veneers crafted from translucent porcelains, ceramics, and other bonding materials can be applied to the surfaces of your teeth to disguise deep stains or other fl aws like chips or irregular spacing. In fact, the veneering technique has been called
instant orthodontics.

Esthetic gum re-proportioning can create balance and symmetry for your smile with techniques like lip repositioning
and gum recontouring, as seen here. You can re-proportion a too-gummy smile, teeth that look too short, or teeth that appear to have different lengths because their crowns are hidden beneath differing amounts of gum tissue ... or a combination of all three.

We understand that sometimes, in today’s world, finding success means getting yourself noticed. Stunt-free cosmetic dentistry is a very reliable and worthwhile investment that will let you make an impact – on your terms.

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