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Kids' Dentist in Newmarket

We offer a friendly, comfortable & caring environment to meet all your kid's dentistry needs

For All Your Kids' Dentistry Needs

At Orchard Heights Dental Centre, in Newmarket, we provide a comprehensive range of kids' dental services. We use the most thorough and modern dental techniques for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental disease for children and young adults.

A trip to the dentist can be a source of anxiety for your child.  Our compassionate and caring staff are sensitive to this, and take the time to make everyone feel comfortable - so much so that we often treat multiple generations of the same family!


Child Friendly Environment

We know that visiting the dentist can be a stressful time both for child and parent. That is why we pride ourselves on providing a warm, friendly and caring environment to help set your child at ease. Your child will love our kids play area which has video games and free WiFi. Our treatment rooms have ceiling mounted TVs and Sirius Radio, to help provide a distraction for your child.

Individual Dental Care for your Child

We recognize that each child is unique, and as such requires very specific care. Our pediatric dentists are well known for their patience, and adjusting their bedside manner to best suit the child who is in front of them. Making a child feel comfortable may take a little more time so that they feel they can trust the pediatric dentist. We feel that building this rapport and relationship with kids is essential so that they have as positive an experience as possible when visiting their friendly neighbourhood kids' dentist.

A relaxing and  caring environment at Orchard Heights Dental Centre, near Newmarket. The best kids' dentist in the Newmarket area

It's all smiles at the best kids' dentist in the Newmarket area - Orchard Heights Dental Centre.

Stress Free Kids' Dental Care

We pride ourselves on being kind and gentle. This means taking time to ensure that your child is comfortable, buidling a rapport so as to nurture their trust with their pediatric dentist. After all, we want to make sure that not only are they not stressed during their dental care in the office, but also that they feel less stressed for their return visit and agree that we are their favourite kids' dentist in Newmarket!


Why people choose us as their kids' dentist in Newmarket?

Marek K, Newmarket
May 19, 2017
Dr. Gelfand is amazing! My son was very nervous and high anxiety having a filling completed and she remained so calm and caring throughout the entire process. She is so compassionate and really takes her time to make everyone feel comfortable. amazing with kids!!
Drew M
Feb 26, 2016
As always we had an extremely successful visit. Very friendly staff. Dr Gelfand is extremely professional and personal and relates very well with my 6 year old son who had to have 2 cavities filled . She reassured him kept the tone light and made the whole experience a positive one.
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