Nervous About Going to the Dentist?

For most of us there’s something that makes us anxious – that one particular thing that causes irrational feelings of fear and apprehension. For some it’s the fear of public speaking, the dark, or perhaps heights. Dental phobia or the fear of the dentist is a common problem and we know just how real and serious it can be. We encourage you to be honest with us about your feelings toward coming to the dentist.

There are many things we can do to make you feel more comfortable and at ease in the dental chair. We pride ourselves on being kind and gentle, however often that is not enough. We also offer laughing gas and light sedation to calm your nerves alleviating anxiety. We have had much success with anxious patients taking these very simple measures.

The key, however, to your good oral health is prevention. Anxiety about dental visits and avoiding checkups can allow new and often preventable problems to develop. Your oral health is so important to your overall heath. Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from taking care of yourself - talk to us, we’re here to help


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