Frequently Asked Questions about Crowns

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What Is A Crown?
A crown is an artificial cover that is used to restore, protect, and strengthen your tooth and keep it healthy.

When Would I Need One?

  • If you have a tooth that has been worn down by teeth grinding, an improper bite, or decay, a crown restoration could save it.
  • Crowns will give cracked or broken teeth much-needed support.
  • A tooth that has loosened due to gum disease can be stabilized by crowning it and connecting it to the neighboring teeth.
  • Gaps in your smile can be replaced by incorporating a single crown onto the root of a dental implant placed into your jawbone.

What Are My Options?

Ceramic crowns - are the most natural-looking and can be as translucent as your own enamel. They are the perfect choice for those with metal allergies, but people usually choose them because of how they look.
Ceramic-fused-to-metal crowns - combine this natural look with the strength of metal underneath, but they are not as translucent as ceramic alone.

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