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Play Hard, Wear a Mouth Guard

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Whether it is Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball or Hockey season we strongly recommend custom fitted protective mouth guards for your family.

  • Custom mouth guards are the law in hockey and protect against serious, permanent dental injuries as well as concussions.
  • They are available from our office in a variety of colors, are comfortable, inexpensive and superior in fit to the boil and bite type guards found in stores.
  • Included with your guard is a protective case with your child's first and last name.
  • Turnaround time is 3 working days (7 days for team clinics)
  • We advise a new guard be made each season as a child's mouth and teeth develop, grow and change.
  • Guards are also important for children during orthodontic treatment
  • We also provide custom mouth guards for adults who play rec. sports
We offer MOUTHGUARD CLINICS FOR TEAMS at very competitive group rates.

Please contact us at to arrange a team clinic, you may also call at 905-727-8586 or e-mail us at for inquiries.

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